A Screen With A View

Mirage Retractable Screen Systems is the leader in retractable door and window screens. With all the advantages of a screen door (ventilation and bug protection), the screen disappears into a small housing at the edge of the door so as to not block your view to the outside (or maybe the look of your front door).


“Quality and durability are key considerations in this Canadian made product. Available in a wide variety of standard and designer finishes, this professionally installed screen will compliment any doorway.”  Costco.ca

Is a Mirage screen door right for your home? Absolutely!  Whether your home is a condo, single family home, apartment or duplex, a Mirage screen is perfect for your home and can be customized to fit your specifications. There are four (4) basic installation applications for the retractable screen system:

  • Single Entry Door
  • Double French Door
  • Patio Slider
  • Window

Click on the link to the Mirage website to learn about colors, applications, quality, or warranty, and FAQs.

You will also find a link at Costco.ca if you are interested in purchasing a Mirage screen through Costco.

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