Care and Maintenance

Caring for your Mirage Screen helps to protect your investment and provide for your long term enjoyment of your screen.

  1.  Keep track clear – Regularly clean the bottom track of debris, small stones, and pet hair.
  2. Clean – Annually clean tracks, housing and mesh with warm soapy water and dry with a clean soft cloth.
  3. Lubricate – Following the annual cleaning, lubricate the tracks with a good quality silicone spray.
  4. Avoid walking into the screen – The Mirage screen comes with a visibility decal installed at eye level.  The decal helps prevent the screen from being accidentally walked into when in use.  Please leave this decal in place.
  5. Protect the screen from pets – Introduce your pets to the screen and train them to respect it, as you would any other household fixture.
  6. Store when not in use – Retract the screen into its housing when not in use.  This will keep the screen from being damaged from the elements and keep it clean.
  7. Put away in strong winds – The Mirage screen is designed to be stored away in its protective housing, at the side of the door, when not in use.  It is expected that when the wind ‘picks up’, it be stored away, as is done with items such as patio sun umbrellas.  Usually at such time there is little or no concern with flying insects.  If the screen is left in place, it is generally for another purpose for which the screen was not specifically designed – such as blocking wind gusts from entering the home or for a sense of security.  While the screen does work well in a moderate breeze, when the wind gusts, it may blow the mesh out of the top and bottom tracks, causing wear that is not covered by warranty.


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