Product Features

What features does the screen unit offer?

  •  adjustable screen tension to resist wind or reduce door slam
  • Mirage’s HydraGlide Patented Technology

    3016-a-2015 (2)Our Mirage HydraGlide speed reducer features a patented technology.  While many similar slow close screen systems are dramatically affected by heat or weather, Mirage’s HydraGlide, viscodynamic, retractable screen braking system operates smoothly and silently even after countless cycles and changes in environment.

  •  deep track to stop screen from blowout and hold screen in place during windy conditions
  • slide bolt option to hold inactive side of French/double door screen in place
  • bumper stripping to protect small fingers from being accidentally pinched
  • various mesh options available including a pet screenCAT
  • a variety of color options


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